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The state company for design and projects implementation has a long experience more than 50 years, it is proud to be one of the engineering companies belonging to the ministry of industry and minerals' sectors. It specialized in design and construction of industrial projects since 1959 (the date of establishment). The company is extension of the state directorate for industrial design and construction which it updated after canceling the reconstruction council 1959 which it implemented and supervised the industrial base in Iraq. In 1970, the administrative formations and technical duties were extended and changed to state institution in design and industrial construction works and escalated its activity to become the executive body of the industrial sector and to implement the projects of the national development plan in the country.

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Polymer felt production project

Our company manufactures this material on favor of the state company for mineralogy industries/ Al-Thagher plant. We hope to produce annually, 1500000 m2 to cover our country needs of this material. The director general met the Chinese experts who are working in this project and our technicians and engineering cadres.

Although the high temperature of summer season, and the state considered 10th of Aug. as an official holiday, but our company's cadres who work in Al-Rasafa east powerhouse transformational project, insisted to keep working.

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